Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-0 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-1 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-2 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-3 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-4 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-5 Willikiva-Cute-Bear-Kids-School-Backpack-for-Children-Elementary-School-Bags-Book-Bags-0-6

Willikiva Cute Bear Kids School Backpack for Children Elementary School Bags Book Bags


Material : Polyester, Color matching design
The bag has three sizes.Approximate dimensions :Large:16.5″H X 12.2″L X 5.5″Winch,Medium:15″H X11″L X 4.7″Winch,Small:12.2″H X 9″L X 3.9″Winch.
Cute Bear, large size and medium size,Suitable for primary school students. The small size is suitable for the infant.


Multi color matching and cute bear design.
The bag has three sizes.Approximate dimensions :Large:16.5″H X 12.2″L X 5.5″Winch,Medium:15″H X11″L X 4.7″Winch,Small:12.2″H X 9″L X 3.9″Winch.
Small size is suitable for Infant. The main compartment can hold a lot of things, such as iPad, a set of not very thick clothes, fruit, food, small books,etc. The two side of the mesh bag can be put on the cup.
Medium size and large size suitable for primary school students, with main spacers, middle septum and front bags. Inside the main compartment, there are a laptop room and a small zippered pouch for small things.These provide roomy space for storage. Most of kids’ daily necessities can be loaded, such as laptop,folder,water bottle,notebook,lunch box,extra clothes,etc.Plus, there are 2 mesh side pockets used as water bottle holder. Those different compartments and pockets will help keep children organized.The large size can be used by children and Lady .
The front pocket can be put on pen, ruler, eraser, compass and other stationery.
The covering pocket can be put on some small things, food, purse etc..
Behind the back of the zipper pocket can be put on a cell phone, a purse.
Small size can accommodate iPad, medium size can accommodate 14 inch Laptop, large size can accommodate 15 inch Laptop.
The high quality zippers can keep daily gear safe.On the back, the two adjustable S-shape shoulder straps are nicely padded, very comfortable and convenient to carry.
Notice: Due to monitor variations,colors may appear slightly different.

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