UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-0 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-1 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-2 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-3 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-4 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-5 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-6 UBe-Hydration-Camelback-Water-Pack-Backpack-Kids-Women-Men-Hiking-Biking-Running-Bag-with-2L-Bladder-0-7

U`Be Hydration Pack Water Backpack – Kids Women Men Camelback – Hiking Biking Running Bag with 2L Bladder

$19.99 – $22.99

The best unigear classic black hydration pack. Hydration backpack is cool freemove drinking mini ultimate bag, used for bike riding, camping, running or hunting camel back or as a rave gear pack
Mountain biking, cycling or jogging on hiking trails – waterproof camelpack fits girls and boys as straps are easily adjustable. Ultra light comfortable and small camelback for outdoor sports – run, travel, ski, marathon or bike
Being designed to be water-repellent and water-resistant, hydro camlepack includes 2.0 liter (70oz) BPA-free bak tank. Exterior zipper pockets are to stash your bottle and essentials



Water backpack Includes:
1 x Camel Backpack 18.0 x 8.27 inch;
1 x 2L Water Bladder 2.0l 14.2 x 6.7 inch;
1 x Detachable Hose 41.8 inch

Lightweight, Capacious, Best for Festivals
3 storage compartments.
Front pocket is big enough for towels and some essentials.
Bottom space – for wallet, keys and etc .
Back Space to put a bladder.

Waterproof and Durable
Hydration Backpack is crafted with waterproof
nylon fabrics, so your accessories stay
dry in rain. Bladder system can be removed and cleaned.

Breathable Straps
Hydropack shoulder straps breathe well to
keep you cool and dry in the heat.
Chest and shoulder straps are adjustable,
so the bag is a good source of hydration for youth.

Water Bladder
Hydration pack with a tube spout holds full insulated tank.
Being made of anti-bacteria TPU materials,
2liter bladder is BPA Free, food grade,
Pressure-Tolerant and No-Leak.
Bladder pouch keeps you hydrated
Perfect gear when run, travel or ski.

Sports Running Pack
Fill bladder with water or add ice cubes.
Stick mouthpiece properly.
By holding upside down, get the air out
from bladder through the valve.
Put the bladder into the backpack.
While drinking, bladder continues to compress
and restricts water to slosh.

The best classic black hydration pack. Hydration backpack is a lightweight drinking camel pack, used for bike riding, camping, running, hunting bag or as a rave / festival gear.
Ultra light, comfortable and compact camelback for outdoor sports – for run, travel, bike or ski. Being designed to be water-resistant, hydro waterpack includes 2.0 liter (70oz) BPA-free water bladder.
Mountain biking, cycling or backpacking on hiking trails – waterproof camelpack is for men, women and small kids hydratation, as straps are easily adjustable.
Water backpacks 2l insulated bladder features bite valve – quick disconnect tube. Rubberized backside keeps runners back dry and prevents slippage. Exterior zipper pockets are to stash your bottle and essentials.
100% Guarantee! Prompt Replacement or Refund. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, the replacement camelback will be delivered within 3 days after contacting us. Stay Hydrated!

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