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Meru Sling Bag – Sling Backpack for Women & Men – Crossbody Bags for Women & Men


ERGONOMIC SLING BACKPACK – Teardrop shaped cross body backpack with easy-access-pocket design
SLING BAG SIZE: 19.5 inch x 11.5 inch (volume = 8.5 liters / 520 cubic inches). Unisex perfect small slingback bag for adult men or women, children, boys, girls, college students and kids of all ages
ADVANCED MEMORY FOAM STRAP – Our exclusive ‘soft carry’ strap technology with memory foam provides the ultimate in fashionable cross chest bag carrying comfort



Meru small backpack sling bags for women and men. Similar to kavu bag and kavu sling bag shoulder bag for women cross body bag, our knockoff kavu backpack crossbody backpack satchel bags for men is the perfect small backpack for men and woman. Best designer sling bag fashion sling backpack for women. Our sling bags for women are top rated crossbody backpack for women and crossbody bags for women on Amazon. Meru mini backpack for women is the best packable backpack and edc backpack one strap backpack for men of highest quality. Fashionable shoulder bag for men is similar design to kavu mini rope bag sling backpack. The most trendy daypacks for men. Try our cross body bags. Meru is the most popular light backpack and day pack crossbody bags for men and crossbody backpack for women. Cheaper kavu bags and day backpack. Our kavu bag design is a better small hiking backpack and sling backpack for women. Compare with other crossbody bags for women, dakine backpack, billabong backpack, roxy backpack, and other hippie bag. Best Amazon sling bag for women and mini backpack for women. Also a packable backpack sling bag for men. Works as hiking daypacks or crossbody backpack, edc bag, shoulder backpack, daypack, especially great daypack for women. Get Meru lightweight backpack and backpack travel bag on sale
MERU PREMIUM QUALITY crossbody backpack for women and men. MERU’s mini backpack for women and men is a uniquely designed small backpack made from breathable ALL NATURAL COTTON CANVAS for all your edc backpack needs. Our superior style, functional design, comfort and quality are second to none
MERU CROSSBODY BAGS For Women and Men feature a large inner compartment with zippered storage pocket, insulated iPad/tablet pocket, cellphone pocket, security pocket, hidden card holder and water bottle holder. Our lightweight packable backpack / daypack comes in several styles and colors
PURE COMFORT EDC BAG DESIGN – Only MERU features an exclusive ‘soft carry’ memory foam single strap backpack men and women will love. Just one of many reasons why our crossbody sling bag is a top rated small sling backpack on Amazon
SLING BAG SIZE: 19.5 inch x 11.5 inch (volume = 8.5 liters / 520 cubic inches). The perfect unisex cross body bag – small hiking backpack – hippie bag – mini backpack for women and men
QUALITY ASSURED & LIFETIME WARRANTY – Why waste your money on cheap small backpacks that will fall apart in no time? When you buy a MERU crossbody bag daypack, you are getting the highest quality sling bag that will last for years. We Guarantee it! If you aren’t happy for any reason, at any time in the future, we’ll happily refund your money – no questions asked

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